About Potluckiest

If you’re reading this, you probably have a potluck in your (very near) future. Perhaps it’s something for work, a community event, or a gathering with friends. Or perhaps you're the host. Whatever it is, you’ve found yourself with the responsibility of taking care of your fellow party-goers. So...what are you going to bring?

When I have a potluck coming up, I try to think of a dish to bring that will wow the crowd. Maybe it’s something I’m guessing most people haven’t had before but I know they’ll love, like Maple Candied Bacon (this is a killer recipe for someone who insists they can’t cook!). Maybe it’s a twist on a familiar favorite that makes it suitable for a potluck, like my Meatball Sub Cups (that can easily be made vegetarian, by the way — recipe coming soon!). If the party has a theme, maybe I’ll bring something that honors that theme in a fun way, like our Kale, Butternut & Pomegranate Salad, perfect for a fall/winter menu and will thrill vegans and omnivores alike. Or maybe it’s a potluck staple, but just happens to be the tastiest version of it you’ve ever eaten, like my Simply Perfect Guacamole (hint: it’s the quality of the ingredients and the technique).

guacamoleThat’s why I started Potluckiest: to help everyone level up their potluck game, with recipes, tips, and gear ideas that can help you rock your next potluck, whether you’re a guest or even the host.

The recipes here vary in skill level required, from “I don’t know how to cook” to “I can suprême an orange in my sleep.” Some recipes are quick; some take a while. Some can be made a day in advance. Some are fantastically inexpensive to make; some benefit from premium ingredients to make them sing. Recipes also vary in the different dietary restrictions they can satisfy. But every Potluckiest recipe shares three key things in common:

  • they taste amazing — at room temperature!
  • they feed a crowd
  • they travel well

You’ll also notice that I focus more on savory recipes than sweets. Why is that? Basically, because it’s pretty easy to find great dessert recipes that feed a crowd and travel well. Cake and cupcake recipes are designed from the start to delight at least a dozen people. So you don’t need me for those recipes.

But savory recipes are often geared more toward family dinner than larger gatherings, and usually they’re best served hot, right from kitchen to table. Your potluck win, however, depends on a recipe that can stand up to vastly different circumstances.

Don’t worry, you can still find plenty of recipes on Potluckiest to enchant your sweet tooth too. But when you do find desserts here, it's because they're confectionary delights that most people have never tried, like my version of a discontinued supermarket delight. Others are familiar fancy treats like homemade chocolate peanut-butter cups that are surprisingly easy to make (really!) and will shock everyone at the party that you made them from scratch.

Plus, Potluckiest is more than just recipes. I'll be filling the site with all kinds of helpful tips and ideas as well as suggestions for gear you might find useful either as a party host or guest.

Finally, I want to hear from you! What did you bring to a potluck that inspired someone to cross the room to ask you how you made it? Or what did someone else bring that impressed you so much that you want to make it yourself another time? Submit your recipe here and I’ll take a look — if I use it, I’ll credit you (and link to you if you like) and also send you a special gift. Or do you have a suggestion for a tip or want to recommend a particular piece of gear? Email me and let me know!

Thanks so much for taking a look around and trying these recipes — together we'll make every potluck a hit!

Who’s in the kitchen?


Hey there! I'm Cheshire — the one on the right along with my wife, Sarah, and our daughter, Miriam (creator of the Kids' Table section). We're all enthusiastic home cooks who love to create food that makes people happy.

In addition to my work here, I'm a full-time freelance photographer and graphic designer based across the bay from San Francisco. Potluckiest has been a dream of mine since 2013 — it combines my passions of cooking, food photography, graphic design, and...eating great food. Now it's finally a reality, and I'm excited to share it with you. Thanks for being here!