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We're always interested to hear of great dishes that would work well for our readers, and we'd love to have your help building Potluckiest! We'll credit and link back to you, and we're in the process of figuring out how to reward contributors as well! (Stay tuned for that announcement.) But no need to wait — once we work out that reward system, we'll apply it retroactively for anyone who's helped us so far.

Potluckiest tends to favor savory dishes over sweets, but any killer recipe is welcome. Bottom line, if it's a wow dish that someone has cornered you at a party to find out how you made it, we want to know about it!

We only have four requirements for a recipe submission, but your dish must meet all four. Here are the guidelines:

  1. Your recipe must be sufficiently original. It's ok if you've been inspired by someone else, but your recipe must not be a copy of someone else's, and the descriptions of the steps in the recipe must not be copied from elsewhere. As they say in the cooking world, don't get us in hot water. (They say that, right?)
  2. Your recipe must feed a crowd. Aim for a yield that would serve 12-20 people.
  3. Your dish must taste amazing at room temperature. It can't depend on being able to be reheated at an event.
  4. Your dish must transport well. Potluckiest recipes are made to be brought to events, so please always keep that in mind. Transport tips are welcome too!

Image guidelines: if you have a pro-quality shot of your dish to accompany your submission, that's amazing. We will credit and link back to the photographer; just give us the website/social handles in your submission. Please submit a high-quality jpg that is at least 2000px wide and at least 1000px tall. (If you don't have a great photo to accompany your dish, don't worry: we test every recipe before publishing and can shoot it if necessary.)

The fine print: By submitting your recipe, you are granting Potluckiest a non-exclusive right to publish the recipe on its website and through social media and other communications. While we truly appreciate the time you take to submit a recipe, please understand that Potluckiest is under no obligation to publish your submission. We will make every effort to respond to every submission, but we cannot guarantee a response. If we do accept your submission, we will certainly credit you and reward you for it, but Potluckiest does reserve the right to adjust your recipe as our editors feel it's necessary to make the recipe work best for Potluckiest.

With all that out of the way, let's hear about your brilliant creation! You can either use the submission form below or email your recipe (or a link to the recipe on your site), and we'll do the rest. Thanks!


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