No more leftovers! (Well, at least not as much)

No matter how great the food is at your party, you’re bound to have leftovers you would like to go home to someone else’s house. It’s a fantastic idea to have to-go containers on hand for just such an occurrence, and you never know how useful they’ll come in at other random times as well. And you come off looking like a host who has this whole party-planning thing completely thought-out. Win-win-win!

The hard part is finding ones that are a) compostable (because it’s the right thing to do), b) in a reasonable quantity (because most of these are geared to sell to restaurants, not a party host), and c) inexpensive (because, well, of course!).

One option is to check out a local restaurant supply store that’s open to the public (or one you can talk your way into). Smaller quantities might be tough to find there, but those stores often have the best prices. (And is it just us, or do most home cooks kind of feel like badasses shopping at a restaurant supply store?)

But you can also find them online. We waded through tons of sites to find a good product at a good price, and in a quantity that you don’t need a stockroom for. Here’s a reasonably priced package of 50 compostable 6″x6″ clamshells, perfect for your guests’ leftovers. Let us know in the comments if you find other great options!

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