XOXO cheddar crackers

Want to amuse and delight your friends at the Super Bowl party or basically any tailgate? Bring these super-easy cheddar crackers shaped like Xs and Os. Just a few ingredients come together to form what’s essentially a savory pie crust dough that you roll out flat and then cut into strips and shape them as you like.

You can use whatever combination of cheeses you like (fontina, emmenthaler, gouda, etc.), or you can add herbs, spices, or heat into the mix. These are great just as they are, but it’s an infinitely adaptable recipe.

Plus, this isn’t just great for a football party, and you don’t need to do Xs and Os — you could use cookie cutters, make other letters, or even just cut into breadsticks, whatever floats your boat. One thing is for sure; they’ll be gone in a heartbeat.

Recipe coming soon!

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