Everyone goes to a potluck at some point. But not everyone knows great dishes they can bring. And not every five-star recipe works well for a potluck dish. That’s what we’re here for.

If you’re a guest looking for the perfect thing to bring, you can wow the crowd with the recipes featured on our site. They’re just right for parties: fun, impressive, easy to transport. Even if you can’t cook at all, we have terrific things to show you — you’ll be thrilled at what you can put together.

If you’re the one hosting a party, we have tons of ideas and tips to make sure you and your guests have a fantastic time.

This site is launching in early 2019, and we’re filling it now with content you’ll love! If you have any brilliant recipes or tips, please send them our way. To be notified when this site launches and receive regular updates filled with great recipes and more, subscribe to our list using the form.

Here’s to great parties!

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Have an amazing potluck recipe or tip you want us to feature on the site?

If you have a recipe that everyone raves about, you can submit it to us directly! We’ll review all submissions and post as many of them as we can. If you don’t feel like using that form, or if it’s a recipe you’ve found on another site, you can simply email it to us.

We also want to know your ideas for how to throw a great potluck, or tips for guests on figuring out what to bring. Or if you have any recommendations on kitchen equipment or gear you think will make people’s lives easier, we want to know those too! Please email us with your tips and ideas.

Food bloggers: we want to partner with you! We’ll be happy to feature your recipes and link back to your sites so our readers can see more of your creations. Please get in touch!

Thanks so much, everyone — we can’t wait to build a delicious new site with our creative community!

A little fun while you wait

The site may not be live yet, but we can still help you figure out what to bring to your next party. Check out the graphic below, or grab a version you can print out.