Potluck recipes during COVID? Even though large social gatherings are out right now, the scale of our recipes can keep you and your household fed happily for days and reduce the amount of cooking and cleaning you have to do on a daily basis. Stay healthy and happy!

Featured recipe

Matzo Lasagna

The ultimate Passover comfort food, matzo lasagna (or matzah lasagna, if you prefer that spelling) hits the spot and will have seder guests begging for more. Also perfect just to have at home, with amazing leftovers that will feed your family for days.

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Featured idea

Don’t wash the dishes

Renting dishware, glassware, and/or flatware can be an inexpensive way to make cleanup easier and give your party that little extra something

Featured gear

The half-sheet pan

Perhaps second only to a great set of knives, this versatile workhorse will be the most valuable tool in your kitchen if you don’t already have one (or four)

For chefs of all ages

Kids’ Table

Innovative, fun dishes that kids will not only love to eat, they'll enjoy making themselves (with a bit of help from a grownup)
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